Erica d´Amico

Dancer- Model-Fashion- Beauty

What a great opportunity I had to work with such a talented young student from Iwanson . Without any prior photo experience, my model acted like a real professional. She was such a joy to work with.

Big support came from our Hair & Makeup Artist Simone Breu . She was working with calm and magic hands!

As I was asking Swetlana Huber , a young fashion designer, to provide us with some clothes, she decided to join us for the entire duration of the photo shoot- thank you NOIR MELA

If you are also looking for some model/dance or beauty pictures – and/or if you want to create a set card, you can reach me at 0173 3771170.




dancer, contemporary dance, Ausdruck, Sprung

Tänzer, Ausdruck, contemporary dance

fashion, beauty noir mela

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